Valore Antoniades

Valore Antoniades

Project Details

We are launching a different type of housing in a compound. It is not just a compound, it is a small city with playgrounds for children to enjoy every moment.

shopping centres in order to let your wife pursue her favourite hobby, as well as gym and spa centres, and green spaces for better health and comfort of the eyes … If you have the opportunity to make their lives better..


Smouha Valore Project - El-Riyad

Luxury Life

Earn the luxury life you've been always looking for, Everything you always needed isn't far away.

You deserve the life you’ve been always looking for, the life you’ve been looking for created by the experts in this field in the entire middle east.

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Surveillance cameras


You've got a surveillance cameras all around the compound you're living in
Gardens View


You get gardens all around the location you're living in


Get access to intercom from your flat


Fitness is important, and your health is more important
Sea View

Awesome View

An amazing awesome view for your appartment
Private Garage

Private Garage

Get a Private Garage for your car
Modern architectural

Modern architectural

Built with amazing Modern architectural

Layouts Plan


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